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Published in LittleBigPlanetâ„¢ PS Vita Hearted Queued Thieves' Den [LCPSP]

Thieves' Den [LCPSP]

By samiamiamsam samiamiamsam

Recomended for one or two players. Infiltrate the Thieves' Den and retrieve the stolen lamp. Ace the level, win the ship! Thanks to Gwaeron for making character designs. 7/22/13
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  • First published 7/23/13
  • Last published 8/6/13
  • Completed 1,242 times
Good grief!
  • ZedCOcoZza ZedCOcoZza

    Another ultra amazing platformer from Samiamiamsam!

    7/23/13 2:20 AM

    Good grief!
  • jester946 jester946

    Awesome job recreating this great PSP level. I love how you put your own unique touches in it as well. Outstanding as always.

    7/23/13 4:22 AM

    Good grief!
  • D2Khoo D2Khoo

    Bravo sir, Bravo! I am impress at your creativity is nothing short but, amazing, heck everything about it is great story wise and gameplay then to top it all off it feel so classic like the first lbp so please finish your story because l can't wait to see more until next time

    7/23/13 1:45 AM

    Good grief!