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Published in LittleBigPlanetâ„¢ PS Vita Hearted Queued VOODOO - featuring Mr Bone Jangles.

VOODOO - featuring Mr Bone Jangles.

By scarybiscuit scarybiscuit

A sleep for a 100 year Mr Bone Jangles, is woken my a mysterious Witch Doctor, bound by VOODOO MAGIC Mr Jangles has to obey his new master. Jump, bounce and grab your way through platformer.
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  • First published 10/12/13
  • Last published 10/28/14
  • Completed 484 times
Good grief!
  • ZedCOcoZza ZedCOcoZza

    Creative and beautiful! Truly the best Scary's work!

    10/13/13 6:19 AM

    Good grief!
  • smartysloan smartysloan

    Another tasty treat, scary biscut never disapoints. I cannot fathom the work you put into this, team pick worthy, a feastive ten. Amazing, simply amazing. Love the twist at the end.

    10/12/13 8:52 PM

    Good grief!
  • Kapum Kapum

    That was great! I love how you come up with new ideas in every level. Keep up the good work! Halloween themed Team pick? Who knows? ;) PS. Awesome visuals!

    10/12/13 9:57 PM

    Good grief!