Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanet™ PS Vita Hearted Queued Amnesia: Sackboy's Descent [Epic 3D Horror]

Amnesia: Sackboy's Descent [Epic 3D Horror]

By CaptainKnight808 CaptainKnight808

Crushing the LittleBigBoundaries, I present to you, my own version of a level based off the scariest PC game ever, Amnesia: Sackboy's Descent. Find letters to gain points and survive. Use your lantern to conquer the dark. Remember that you are not alone, for there are creatures wandering. Could the creatures be from your own mind? Go and find out... ---- 3D Gameplay is designed for 1 player while your friends can spectate. Also, remember to post feedback of your scares! Anyways, enjoy the dark...
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  • First published 7/21/14
  • Last published 8/8/14
  • Completed 739 times
Good grief!
  • midopower midopower

    Such a top class design!Nearly a year i have been roaming around on this game,and this is the first time i have encountered a level and been scared.'Just another lovely night outside'Then i hear a growl,next thing i know,im being chased by what i thought at first was dora,then i remembered i was playing an amnesia level.HEY!dora and ugly monsters look the same ok?!P.S young gamers out der,make sure you have pants on,its helpfull....#DuckPooper

    8/2/14 8:46 PM

    Good grief!
  • mark-OZBerry mark-OZBerry

    This level is amazing. Nice graphics nice glitch of the camera! I loved the story. Hopefully it gets teampicked unless lbp members are too scared lol.

    7/21/14 9:20 AM

    Good grief!

    Amazing! Love the detail you put into this level! Definitely deserves Team Picked!

    7/21/14 9:53 AM

    Good grief!