Good grief!

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Published in LittleBigPlanetâ„¢ PS Vita Hearted Queued Asteroid BLAST!

Asteroid BLAST!

By komodojr70 komodojr70

Ghost Creators Presents: Welcome to Asteroid Blast! And now a full game with weapons, music and a ton of exciting features! Blast your way through tons of asteroids for the highest score! Special use of the memorizer that unlocks secret add-ons, that you can activate using touch. Enjoy and BLAST! Please report any bugs or glitches you encounter.
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  • First published 9/11/14
  • Last published 6/8/15
  • Completed 28,668 times
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Good grief!
  • legopig legopig

    Awesome space shooter! The background was beautiful, and i liked how it expanded outwards. Some unlockables like new ships would be nice but this is still awesome anyway. 9/10 space ponies, would spot floating Godzilla again.

    9/13/14 10:30 AM

    Good grief!
  • MORGAN170505 MORGAN170505

    Now this is something to be proud of! The Graphics were somewhat real.The gameplay was mindblowing. And I... I....Im Speachless Now i need to find my jaw it fell off with amazment! Oh, here it is. THIS WAS STUNNING THE AMOUNT OF DETAIL WAS INCREDIBLE! THE SPACE SHIP AND KILLERS LOOKED LIKE PERFECTION! What a great level 10/10 A MUST PLAY ITS AMAZING AND INCREDIBLE Although i could make it IT IS STILL THE BEST LEVEL OF THE LBP GENERATION! NOTHING CAN TOP THIS! AMAZING,BRILLIANT SUPER ASTONISHING!

    9/12/14 6:52 AM

    Good grief!
  • gueromeno2111 gueromeno2111

    It was amazing.Just so amazing.No sarcasm.

    9/13/14 6:49 PM

    Good grief!
  • SolarFireFox SolarFireFox

    Really fun mini game. Though for me it was too easy but fun to play and give alot of score. I was really impressed with the visuals! Im very fascinated with the space theme.

    9/13/14 3:40 AM

    Good grief!
  • DefBestJam DefBestJam

    Loving it

    9/13/14 12:05 AM

    Good grief!
  • kashem_123 kashem_123

    Wow thus was epic woulda bin betta if soace was wider but ova dan dat great

    9/12/14 5:35 PM

    Good grief!
  • Old-wave Old-wave

    That was really hard level

    9/12/14 10:14 AM

    Good grief!
  • ZedCOcoZza ZedCOcoZza

    Nice work!)

    3/30/15 9:22 AM

    Good grief!
  • ChilledMask ChilledMask

    This is one of the best levels ive played

    12/25/16 8:24 AM

    Good grief!
  • KingRyan860 KingRyan860

    Duuuuuuuuude this is so cooooooooooool

    11/1/16 2:56 AM

    Good grief!