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Published in LittleBigPlanet™ PS Vita Hearted Queued THE RUN


By scarybiscuit scarybiscuit

Run, run and more running, discover a fast paced unique camera angle platformer. As you run, grab bounce yiur way through a old tomb. Thank you too smartysloan, mistaken_clown, moodle22, morgan170505.
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  • First published 9/19/14
  • Last published 10/28/14
  • Completed 47,435 times
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Good grief!
  • GuiSly GuiSly

    Very original and revolutionary!The gameplay is easy to understand even if the camera was different,but different is good,means original,and original means EPIC!!!This week i just see good levels...appearing!

    9/19/14 9:32 PM

    Good grief!
  • smartysloan smartysloan

    Revolutionary gameplay. I loved this! You always do something novel be it visuals or gameplay, this has both. I think it is good enough to break the curse of the three. Amazing work scary, simply amazing

    9/19/14 8:46 PM

    Good grief!
  • Hirunda Hirunda

    Weird at first but makes you faint of joy at the end. Revolutionnary platformer perspective combined with good gameplay, it becomes too good to be described in one word. Oh well... gonna take a nap then... *faints (of joy)* #Rocka

    9/20/14 8:55 AM

    Good grief!
  • shamarrie shamarrie

    Finally i found a good level i am impressed by your work keep it up

    9/19/14 9:36 PM

    Good grief!
  • TheNotorious-187 TheNotorious-187

    This is why i tell anyone who is willing to listen that you are one of the most exciting creators around. You get an idea and just go with it, leaving the player never knowing what to expect from one of your levels. Long may this continue. :)

    9/26/14 10:28 PM

    Good grief!
  • TheEnimal TheEnimal

    It's always great to see new and different concepts in LBP, but in this case it wasn't enough to make a great level. The camera is really cool and I wish I would know how to make one. But it wasn't necessary for a platformer like this. You couldn't really see where you were going and you have no depth perception so gameplay is not that easy or fun. In Kapums level it made more sense. Also I found some easily fixable mistakes that could've been detected through proper playtesting.

    9/21/14 3:26 AM

    Good grief!
  • guarneri1732 guarneri1732

    Great idea great made. My favourite of you

    9/20/14 8:12 AM

    Good grief!
  • darkdreams1999 darkdreams1999


    9/21/14 9:08 PM

    Good grief!
  • Tim_Tax Tim_Tax

    Сложный нормальный ну ваше крутой но почему все англичани и и ваше немогу пройти чуть чуть

    2/1/15 7:41 AM

    Good grief!
  • Herules12 Herules12

    11/3/14 4:43 PM

    Good grief!